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Listen up Friend,

I’m going to give you the facts and you can do what you want with them.

If there’s one thing I know about, it’s real-world hard-core street fighting, and Martial Arts

(The two are NOT the same!)

So why do I know about street fighting and Martial Arts?

Because I’ve been there and done it.

Not only as a lifelong Martial Artist with world-class Combatives training, I’ve also had more than my fair share of street fights.

I’ve been beaten with a police baton (which was stolen from a cop)…

Faced multiple attackers (with a gang on the streets of new york)…

Dealt with attackers twice my size (the harder they come the harder they fall )…

Had a pistol shoved in my face by a crazed drug addict…

… and so much more, there’s enough to write an entire encyclopedia about real-world violence.

So WHY am I telling you this?

Because I want you to know that I…

HOW to Defend Yourself Against It!

This understanding is crucial, and what separates the Reality from the Theoretical.

A nice little Karate class will give you the Theoretical. It’s great for personal discipline, body coordination and fitness, but has the Sensei teaching the class ever REALLY been in a bloody street fight?




If we’re going to learn how to fight off real violence, would you rather learn it from someone who has really been there?

Or, would you rather learn it from someone who has “maybe” been there?

Any honest person would agree, it’s better to learn something from someone who has actually done it in REALITY, not in theory.

This is the distinction, the difference I was talking about, between street violence and Martial Arts training.

Yes, Martial Arts training can certainly help you develop attributes to deal with street violence.

I love the Martial Arts and will never minimize it’s enormous benefits, but there IS a clear distinction that every smart person needs to know:

1) Martial Arts is civilized, in a commercial dojo, under sports rules and regulations, and a teacher who MAYBE has experienced real-world violence (but probably hasn’t), is THEORETICAL in it’s training and approach

2) Real-World Hardcore Street Fighting is not civilized, has no commercial concerns, no rules or regulations, and your only teacher is the guy about to kick your face in to a pulp. It is one-thousand-percent REALITY in it’s approach.

Does that make sense?


And that’s why, I know that if you intend on living through a violent altercation in todays world where you may not have the luxury of being armed you need to know how to use your mind and body as a weapon.These techniques come from actual military pre deployment training and are battle field tested they are designed to kill mame and wound. When you find yourself in a situation where the only way to preserve your life is to fight your way through, these are exactly the tactics strategies and techniques that you need to know.

I will teach you the true ways to stop a hardcore street attacker…


There is no other way.

Listen. If you can run, RUN!

But if you can’t run, and “it’s on” (meaning you are being attacked), Defensive BRUTALITY is your only chance to end it without being MAIMED, RAPED or KILLED.


Most instructors like to avoid this subject altogether, or only discuss it theoretically.

But not me.

I simply like to show highly effective Brutal Self Defense techniques that anyone can use – whether you’re a lifelong martial artists like me, or an average Joe.

Either way, you’ll LOVE this stuff!

I’m going to teach you incredible quick-and-dirty fight-finishers like…

• The Ball-Crusher!
• Knee Strikes
• Face-Hammer Strikes (gives you immediate control)
• Simple and Easy Take-Downs and Restraints (have him all tied up for the cops!)
• 3 Ways to take his gun away lightning-fast
• What NOT to do when you’re faced with a gun (and when to make your move)
• The Deadliest Rear-Naked Choke (the right ways to apply this only taught to elite members of special forces…until now)
• Devastatingly simple ways to defend against a verity of Strikes

…. and more!

If you’re a person who is interested in knowing the truth about violence and survival, I promise you: you’ll LOVE this DVD.

“Super Street-Smart: How to be a Badass when you need to be!”

“Once I picked up this DVD I couldn’t stop watching this I’m going through it for the 5th time. It’s full of street-survival Gold.”

“It’s just what you’d want know if you were about to go into the meanest toughest prison, or if you were stuck on a Subway in the Bronx late at night.”
-Ed C

Trust me, THAT’s the stuff you want in your knowledge arsenal my friend. It gives you the edge.

I’d be scared NOT to know this stuff!

Information like this can save your life and keep you ahead of the pack, so go ahead and order right now and be one of the first 30 people to get the Free Bonus.
But just knowing how to fight truly isn’t enough these days. We live in perilous times and now face threats on a much larger scale than just street thugs and criminals.

  • Terrorism-fanatical nut jobs with nothing to lose can strike without warning anywhere and anytime…
  • World Wide Economic Instability (leading to increasing risks of kidnapping,extortion and blackmail)
  • Political Turmoil in almost every corner of the planet.
  • “Civilized Countries” are no longer exempt from the threat of revolution-riots and regime change.

These are just a few of the threats we face today.

Thats why I’ve put out a comprehensive DVD package JAM PACKED with life saving tips and tactics to help keep you alive in a bad situation.

This is information I can guarantee is not widely available elsewhere on the civilian market. But the fact is my friends it needs to be. I’ve spent years training with elite men and women all around the world who know what it takes to operate in a hostile environment and they will tell you without the proper training….You are done. We can’t all spend years training with tier 1 operators or join shadowy 3 letter agencies to receive this kind of training but with this newest DVD-Travel Safety For Americans Abroad you don’t need to.

Get the essential skills needed to stay alive in a non permissible environment. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure You need to know this stuff, especially as an American these days. Did you know that as an American traveling abroad you have a 38% higher chance of being targeted than other nationalities.  in this encyclopedia of life saving, practical and kick ass information you’ll learn how to blend in overseas so that this won’t happen to you. You will also learn how to plan your trip like a risk mitigation specialist and leave absolutely nothing to chance. We will also be going over how to pack and select your load out like a green beret so that you’ll have every advantage working for you….and that’s just in the first chapter.

And the best part is at these special holiday rates I’m offering the DVDs for you’d be crazy not to pick them up.

Fair warning though. After the new year they will be doubling in price

So please, Stay Safe and remember


William Sherlund

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